Quadel Industries

Quadel Industries is a plastics manufacture based in Coos Bay Oregon. We have been manufacturing quality products since 1984. Our primary methods of manufacturing include , Rotational Molding , Vacuum Forming and Extruding.

Quadel Industries manufactures a diverse product line that covers many different types of  industries such as Forestry Protection Products, Produce Packaging, Erosion Control Netting, Above Ground Water Storage Tanks , Portable Sanitation, Custom Roto Molding , as well as our own line of proprietary products.

With such a long history in the plastics  industry we have nurtured long standing relationships with both vendors and customers that have given our company a solid reputation for honesty and great customer service.

We strive to provide the best quality products at the best possible price and with a quick turn around time so our customers can more easily navigate the ever changing economic environment.

Bat Management Partners With Quadel Industries Bat Bunker


Bat Management Partners With Quadel Industries Bat Bunker to create their own version of the Bat Bunker with an internal roost chamber that they build themselves at their facility !

This is a great partnership and is a win win for Bat Conservation around the world!

We look forward to long and productive relationship with Bat Management and will continue our efforts in helping in Bat Conservation , as a plastics Manufacture we want to do our part in helping this vital species !

Scrap Buster Composter 2014 New Facebook Page !


Please come by our new Scrap Buster Facebook page and like us !

The Quadel Titan Scrap Buster is one of the largest Compost Tumblers on the market with over 13.5 Cubic Feet of capacity making it an excellent choice for your backyard composting needs.

The Titan Scrap Buster is made of heavy duty poly using the rotational molding process making this composter extremely rugged and virtually indestructible for many years of service.

The Scrap Buster rests easily on it base providing a platform for rotating and mixing your compost to ensure maximum aeration and breakdown of your kitchen and yard scraps .

Titan Tanks 2014 New Facebook Page !


Please come by the new Titan Tank Facebook page and like us!

The Titan Series product line is manufactured using the Rotomolding Process at our facility in Coos Bay Oregon , we use only FDA approved resin from domestic suppliers.

The Titan Tanks series of products ships directly out of our facility to our dealers and distributors nationwide.

If you are interested in becoming a dealer please contact us today at 1-800-Buy-Poly!

Bat Bunker’s First Bat Colony

Well … the Bat Bunker has it’s first documented occupancy !  We have a  Bat colony as of August 2013 . After 2 years from the initial idea of the Bat bunker , we have Bats !  The fact that this is the first season we had the Bat Bunker Bat Houses installed is actually quite a success considering it can sometimes take years for Bats to find and occupy a Bat House.

I believe the reason we are so fortunate is because we have a really good product , the Bat Bunker is unique among other Bat Houses on the market , and of course location is important as well,  and this particular Bat Bunker is located on a lake front property where there are plenty of bats.

The picture to the left  is the installation that we are talking about and the one in the video below where you will see the Bats exiting for their nightly feeding expedition.

An exit count is a tradition among Bat House enthusiasts and researchers as it documents the colonies size and growth as the season goes on. At this particular installation we still have plenty of warm weather and time , and we are hoping this will turn into a maternity colony and we will get to see some young pups coming out the bottom soon !

As part of the Bat Conservation International Research project we are doing our small part in helping the Bats find suitable structures for raising their young . Bats have always been a sometimes misunderstood character in the web of life on our planet and Bat Houses help to get people involved and learning about this incredibly important species.

So stay tuned , I will post later in the season as this colony progresses and share the story as it unfolds !