Quadel Increases Extrusion Productivity

Well we just got our new Maguire Weigh Scale Blenders in the other day and after getting them unboxed, we have started the process of setting them up in our extruding department.

The busy season for our extrusion division will be coming up soon so time is of the essence to get these tested and into production as well as getting everyone trained on them well before the orders start coming in.

These blenders were a very significant investment for us , however we feel they will pay for themselves over time by increasing productivity, which will benefit us and our customers in helping to keep our costs down.

Everyone in this industry has to be more competitive in these challenging economic times, and any way that we can increase productivity will help towards a healthier bottom line.

The main benefit from automating the blending process is that it will eliminate the need for measuring and mixing the resin by hand , which will help to lower labor costs as well as increase the accuracy in our formulas and maintain a consistent product.

Because of the accuracy rate of  0.1% and the automation of the Maguire Blenders ,we should be able to drastically reduce if not eliminate most of the waste associated with rejected product .

Even though Quadel Industries has been around for over 25 years , we are always looking for ways to improve our product line and our productivity so that we can provide our customers with quality products at an affordable price.

So if you’re looking for extruded mesh netting and bags for you business give us a call at 1-800-289-7659


Bat Bunker Roto Molded Bat House

With The Bat Bunker mold finished we just charged the mold and are now placing it in the oven. The Bat Bunker “Residential” is the first of two Roto Molded Bat Houses designed and Manufactured by Quadel Industries.

The unique design will be a seamless one piece structure , that will be virtually indestructible and last for many years , with no maintenance or painting of any kind.

It will also have a removable roost chamber that will allow it to be removed in one piece so that it can examined and cleaned on yearly basis if needed.

We are launching this product during the 2012 season which is coinciding with the Year of the Bat , world wide celebration of these amazing and endangered species.

The image here of the Bat Bunker is the first article and we have some more work to do on the outside as well as designing and installing the roost chamber

This Bat house is the Bat Bunker Residential with overall dimensions of 36″ x 24″ x 8″. So its a really large Bat house capable of housing a colony of hundreds of Bats.

Plus its large size will give the Bat Bunker Bat house the ability to retain heat during the day , making it more attractive for Bats looking to start a nursery.

We will have a few different colors so that you can pick a color that is perfect for your geographic location and temperature range, we started with black because here in the pacific northwest we want all the heat retention we can get.

So keep checking back with us over the next couple of weeks as we finish our prototype and gear up for full production this spring and summer of 2012.

In the video below we just charged the newly manufactured aluminum  Bat House mold for the first time . So as they say the “bun-ker is in the oven, and in just a few minutes out will pop the first commercially manufactured  roto molded bat house !

Quadel Industries: Sink Tank

Quadel Industries is proud to present its newest Special Event Tank the ” Titan Sink Tank ” .

This Tank comes with a 15 gallon holding capacity , 1.5 inlet valve and 3/8 fitting with spigot , plus a built in sink .

The Quadel “Sink Tank ” is an excellent solution for all your public gatherings, construction site or agriculture applications.

Made of durable Food Grade Polyethylene and manufactured using the Rotational Molding Process.

The Sink Tank is an inexpensive way to provide potable water for drinking and hand washing in remote locations where running water may not be available .


Quadel Industries: Rain Strain Cap

After many requests for us to make a rain barrel for rain water harvesting , we decided it would be better for our customers to simply offer them a low cost add on for our existing water tanks.

The idea behind the rain strain cap  is that you can fit it on any of our water tanks from 175 gallon all the way to 2500 gallon.

Our 175 gallon and 300 gallon make ideal under the spout type collectors, because of their small compact size.

They don’t really take up that much more room than the average rain barrel but they give you a whole lot more capacity, plus our tanks can be plumbed however you like.

The Rain Strain Cap is a simple rugged design that will last many years with little maintenance. As you can see in the video below the Rain Strain Cap will catch all of the large leafs , pine needles and other debris that happen to get washed down your gutter during the rainy season. This will keep the bio matter in your water to a minimum.

We also make the Rain Strain Cap in Black so you can let the rain in and block the sunlight , plus it matches our existing tanks  perfectly.

As the water flows down your spout and onto the Rain Strain Cap , plenty of water will be allowed to collect in your tank , while still allowing water to flow down the steep face of the cap , creating a self cleaning filter .

With the slanted design the debris gets washed down the front on to the ground where you can periodically rake it up or blow away with your leaf blower.

Over the course of even the most minimal rainy season , you will have plenty of water later in the year for gardening, flowers or what ever needs a drink during the dry season.

Rain water harvesting is an excellent way to conserve water our most valuable resource! To Order yours today just call 1-800-Buy-Poly !

Watch the video below to see the Rain Strain Cap in Action.