Quadel Industries: Truck & Trailer Wind Fairing

If you are tired of poor handling and poor fuel economy for you box Truck or Trailer then Quadel Industries has a solution for you , it’s called the WindStar.

The WindStar is an aerodynamically proven Wind Fairing system that will greatly improve the airflow of your trailer or box truck when traveling at highway speeds.

The WindStar is made of lightweight polyethylene and has been tested and proven to be the most effective unit available in reducing wind drag on yourvehicle.

It’s unique design enables WindStar to actually pick uip air coming into the cab of your vehicle, channeling it away from the box or trailer.

The Windstar measures 98″ x 52″ x 32″ and is designed¬† with ribbing to enhance the structural integrity of the unit. Because of the light weight polyethylene material its easy to install and virtually unbreakable.

Over all the WindStar provides Less Wind drag, Greater Fuel Economy and Better Handling  for trailers and box trucks.