Quadel Industries: Oyster Netting

In our extrusion division we manufacture all types of netting products, including netting used in the aqua culture industry. Aqua Culture is a term used for the farming of aquatic organisms.

For example here at Quadel Industries we manufacture a type netting known as Oyster Netting.

Oyster Netting comes on 2000′ rolls is black in color and is an extremely durable poly mesh netting that can hold up to the environment of aqua farming.

Our Oyster netting ranges in size from about 13″ to 18″ and is used primarily in the Oyster Farms here in the Pacific Northwest , although we are branching out to areas further south along the West Coast of California and East Coast as well.

The oyster netting is used to make up shell bags or clutches as they are called in the industry, these clutches have been seeded with the larvae of the oysters and then are placed in the water in bays and estuaries for the oysters to grow into adulthood so they can later be harvested for market.

We generally sell our netting by the pallet to our larger customers , but we can also accommodate smaller customers by selling our Oyster Netting by the roll.

So if your looking to get started in the Aqua Culture business or looking for an alternative vendor for you needs please contact us by email or call us at 1-800-Buy-Poly.