Quadel Industries: Crab Trap- Bait Bag Netting

One of the strongest netting products that comes out of our extrusion division  is our Crab Trap Bait Netting.  Crab fisherman use this netting in their traps to reduce the amount of bait they have to use during the crab season.

This super tough netting is so strong even crabs can’t penetrate it with their claws. We sell it to Crab Fisherman and Bait and Tackle stores as well all across the country.

We generally sell our product in 50′ rolls as pictured above , which is then cut up by fisherman or tackle stores and made in to small bags , that are then placed inside the Crab Traps.

The Bait Bags prevent the crabs from stealing the bait which keeps the crabs entertained longer and hopefully in the trap. We are always looking for good distributers of our product so give us call not matter which coast your on and we can send you a sample if you like. Give us a call at 1-800-Buy -Poly