Quadel Industries: Orange Crab Netting

Our Orange crab net is a staple among crab fisherman who like to set trot lines. This tough durable netting is an extruded plastic netting that we make bright orange, evidently the crabs like the color orange.

The netting is cut up and used to make little bags or pouches that are filled with razor back clams. The pouches are then secured with a rope or snood to the trot line.

The crabs are attracted to the clams and the smell and grab hold of the little orange pouches and won’t let go , which is good for the fisherman who come by in their boats with a net and scoop up the crabs.

Its a very popular and efficient method of crabbing that allows you to cover more ground than conventional methods using traps. Our orange crab netting comes on 1500′ rolls and can be purchased by the roll or per pallet.