Quadel Industries: Wattle Netting By the Pallet

Well November seems to be a busy month for erosion control companies across the country, we are churning out Quadel Industries Wattle netting 24/7 and packing it on to pallets for shipping to our cherished customers.

With the winter months ahead  it means the rainy season for much of the West Coast and the Pacific Northwest which of course means developers and construction sites will need to get their storm water preparation into high gear.

Many developers of course wait until the last moment to implement their storm water and erosion control prevention plans which means everybody is running around trying to get their orders in for wattle.

This of course is good news for the wattle manufactures and means they can keep their crews working 7 days a week laying wattle and preparing for the onslaught of winter storms to hit.

So if your an Erosion Control Wattle manufacturer or a large construction company who makes their own wattle then give us a call and we will send you out a couple pallet loads. So don’t wait its time to get ready for the high demand in the months to come.

Quadel Industries: Bio Wattle Netting

Quadel Industries Bio Wattle Netting is an extruded mesh netting with an additive that enhances both Thermal degradation and Photo degradation.

The idea behind our Bio Wattle Netting is to provide a plastic alternative to other more traditional Bio products like Jute and straw fiber and other organic materials.

Normally our standard Black wattle netting will last approximately 3-4 years depending on the environment , and geographical location of the installed wattles.

Our Bio wattle netting can be formulated to break down in as little as 6 months if  required. Most of the requests from our customers have been for a product to last between 12-18 months.

Our Bio wattle netting comes in either 9″ or 12″ and comes in 2000′ rolls. We also offer the option of  3/8″  mesh size or 5/8″ depending on the type of straw or excelsior the customer will be using.

Quadel Industries: Custom Wattle Netting

Quadel Industries is one of the largest manufactures of wattle netting in the United States. We ship our wattle netting by the pallet to erosion control specialists all over the country.

The most popular size wattle  netting is our 9″ netting that comes in both 3/8″ and 5/8″ mesh sizes to accommodate all types of media from straw to excelsior and even wood chips.

One of the unique characteristics of our netting is its memory, and its ability to tightly cling to all types of  media allowing for  clean looking wattles that are both durable and attractive to the end user after installation .

Aside from our standard sizes of wattle netting we can also do custom sizes as well . One of the issues we recognized early on in our dealing with erosion control specialists is that not all the wattle making equipment is the same.

In fact there seems to be as many types of wattle making equipment as there are erosion control companies out there. To combat this inconsistency Quadel Industries has devised a program to custom design wattle netting for our customers  that order product by the pallet.

First we ship a  2000′ roll of our standard 9″ or 12″ netting to our customer, which they put into production, if all works out well , then no modifications will be needed.

Sometimes however the netting may a bit too tight or too loose on the customers equipment when they go to ruck their wattles. At this point we document the customers feed back and make adjustments on our end.

We then send a roll of product out with the new variances factored in and allow the end user to go into production again , if all is well we create a specific part number for that customer so we can make sure when they receive a pallet of netting , all of the product is based on the specifications for his equipment.

This process of developing a product specific to the end users equipment is just one of the services we offer at Quadel Industries to  ensures that our customers will be happy and and so will theirs.