Quadel Industries: Netting and Mesh Bag Samples

We make a wide variety of extruded mesh products from specialty produce bags to bags that are for packaging insects.

Each bag type has unique characteristics , different mesh sizes, different lengths , widths , even the strand size that make up the pattern in each bag varies from bag to bag.

We also carry a broad range of extruded netting , for Aquaculture, Erosion Control, Firewood Packing, Produce packaging and the list goes on.

Since we have so many different varieties and sizes we  always like to send out samples to interested parties so they can feel and touch them.

Its really the only way to insure the end user is getting what they want and it will help them to  find the ideal match for their packaging solutions or other netting needs.

So if your in the market for packaging solutions or looking for good quality extruded netting give us a call and we will put together a sample kit for you to check out and get a “feel” for what we have.

Just give us a call at 1-800-Buy-Poly and ask for one of our Sales or Customer service Representatives and we will get some samples out to you right away !