Quadel Acquires Norway Industries

Quadel Industries is very happy to announce the acquisition of Norway Industries of Norway Oregon. Norway Industries is a fletching or arrow vane manufacture and has been an innovator in the archery industry for over 50 years.

Norway industries and their founders started out making arrow shafts from Port Orford cedar , so they got their start utilizing the raw materials that can be found here in the Pacific Northwest. Well things have changed over the years and Norway Industries is now a leader in Arrow Vane technology.

Because modern Arrow Vanes or fletching are made of plastic , they are manufactured via theĀ  extrusion process . With over 25 years experience in plastic extrusion , Quadel Industries makes the prefect choice for carrying on the Norway Industries tradition of quality and innovation.

We are currently in the process of transitioning the equipment and manufacturing to our facility in Coos Bay Oregon, where we already have 4 extrusion lines running for all of our other products such as netting , seedling tubes, mesh bags , profiles and much more.

With the addition of the Arrow Vane Production , we will have a total of 6 extrusion lines operating in our facility at any given time , increasing our over all productivity and production capabilities.

Archery is a fast growing and exciting industry and we look forward to putting our energy and passion into the Norway Brand. In addition to the Arrow Vane product line , Norway industries has developed many other innovative products for archery and bow hunting enthusiast around the world.

The Norway Industry String Tamers and Zip Strip are excellent examples of some of the innovative products that have come out of Norway Industries and Quadel Industries will continue this cherished tradition into the 21st century.

For more information on Norway Products and to follow the journey of Norway Industries we have created the Norway Portal , here you can visit all things Norway, such as the Norway Facebook Page, Youtube Channel , Main site and the newly added Norway Fletching Forum.

Quadel Industries: IECA Annual Conference

Well its that time of year again and the Erosion Control community will be heading to Las Vegas at the end of the month to meet and talk about all things Erosion Control.

We will be attending to meet and greet with various customers and to make contacts in the industry so if your headed that way give us a call and we can meet you there.

This year things seem to be picking up from an economic perspective and the exhibitors list is quite large and represents all the major players in the world of erosion control.

This 4 day event will show case all the latest in Soil and Water conservation products and companies along with training seminars in Slope Stabilization, Stream Restoration, vegetative establishment, storm water management , Wetlands technology and much more.

This year also celebrates the International Erosion Control Association’s 40th birthday , so a big birthday bash is also planed during this years conference in honor of 40 years dedication to this very important industry and group of professionals.

Of course Quadel Industries main contribution to the Erosion control industry is our Wattle Netting , we have been making Wattle Netting for the erosion control industry for over 20 years and we pride ourselves in helping to serve this very important industry devoted to maintaining our nations water ways.