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The Quadel Titan Scrap Buster is one of the largest Compost Tumblers on the market with over 13.5 Cubic Feet of capacity making it an excellent choice for your backyard composting needs.

The Titan Scrap Buster is made of heavy duty poly using the rotational molding process making this composter extremely rugged and virtually indestructible for many years of service.

The Scrap Buster rests easily on it base providing a platform for rotating and mixing your compost to ensure maximum aeration and breakdown of your kitchen and yard scraps .

Quadel Industries: Composters Heading South.

Well we have a load of our Scrap Buster Composters heading south and its almost November. We have some customers down south who can use our composters all year long.

One of the advantages of the weather along the west coast of the united states  is that we have a pretty temperate climate , we don’t really get any hard freezing and we have plenty of moisture in the air.

So you can still do your composting although its a bit slower breaking down say than in the summertime. Most of the California Coast , and even inland have pretty mild climates at least at the low elevations.

Same is true for Oregon and Washington along the coastal areas , the climate is warm enough to keep composting all year long.  So if your looking for a large compost tumbler at a reasonable price give us a call at 1-800-buy-Poly and we can direct you to a dealer anywhere in the country.

Quadel Industries: Composter

Quadel Industries launched the first in its line of  Compost tumblers in the spring of 2011 , the Scrap Buster .  We acknowledged that there were already a lot of models of  composters out there, but many were undersized and overpriced.

We made the decision to design and manufacture a very large compost tumbler at a very reasonable cost to the consumer. The Scrap Buster is easily twice the size of most composters in the same price point and with its rugged no frills design will provide service for many years to come.

We also wanted to be part of the Green sustainability movement that is rapidly growing across the country so we use only regrind scrap material to manufacture our composters.

This keeps additional plastic scrap out of the landfill and into good use as well as providing a product that will eliminate table scraps from going to waste and back into the ground as good compost for your home gardening.

Since the Scrap buster is quite large at over 100 gallon capacity or rouhgly 13.5 cubic feet , we designed the unit so that it could be split in half for easy shipping via UPS or Fedex to individuals across the country .

This also allows for the unit to be palatalized for shipping  large quantities to our distributors in the United States.

We will be developing two smaller units in our composter line in the future , the Scrap Buster Mini and the Scrap buster Jr.

The Scrap Buster Mini  will be another tumbler although quite a bit smaller and at a very competitive price and the Scrap Buster Jr. will be a dome style composter with a much better design and more rugged than what is currently on the market.

All of these products will use recycled material as an effort to cut waste and stem the flow of  plastic waste  into our landfills nation wide.