2012 Tank Season is Here !

The 2012 Tank Season is here and is starting off with a bang. We have trucks going out of here on a daily basis loaded with our above ground water storage tanks.

We have flat bed trailers services to offer customers for  the best rates on shipping if you need larger quantities of tanks for your resale business.

These trucks are available by appointment and will help lower your per unit shipping costs during the summer season, which will help maximize your profits .

We also offer our Oak Harbors service for all sizes of water tanks on a daily basis. Oak harbor allows us to ship even our largest 2500 gallon  Titan series tanks to all locations up and down the I5 corridor, with the average being a one to two day transit time.

This allows you to stock just what you need on your lot and have very little inventory expenses , and your customers can get what they need, when they need it !

So give us a call now at 1800-289-7659 and find out what it takes to be a dealer. If your just looking to purchase our tanks let us know and we will find a dealer located near you .


Quadel Industries: Water Tanks

Water Tanks are at the heart of Quadel Industries Rotational Molding  Division. One of our most essential needs for survival is water.

And storing  rain water or well water is critical in making it through the dry season and for other applications as well.

Quadel Industries is the home of the Titan Tank series of rugged, durable, Rotationally Molded above ground water tanks ranging from 175 gallons all the way to 2500 gallons.

All of our tanks are made from the best quality virgin polyethylene material that meets all FDA requirements for potable water storage and safe consumption.

Our Titan series tanks are ribbed to enhance the over all structural integrity as well as the esthetic appearance and it makes them easier to handle and tie down during transport to your location.

Each of our tanks come complete with a man hole cover and two bulk head fittings made of long lasting UV resistant polyethylene, ensuing your fittings will last for years to come.

There are so many different uses for our tanks , for example our 300 gallon tank makes an excellent water catchment system you can place under your rain spout or other catchment areas .

If your looking to store large quantities of water indoors , then our slim line  200 gallon tanks are narrow enough to fit between standard residential doors allowing you to bring your water storage inside.

If your looking to build a large water system , the take a look at our Titan 2500 gallon tank , you can daisy chain four of these behemoths and your looking at 10,000 gallons of potable water at your disposal plus a built in redundancy in the event of damage to one of the tanks in the system.