Bat Management Partners With Quadel Industries Bat Bunker


Bat Management Partners With Quadel Industries Bat Bunker to create their own version of the Bat Bunker with an internal roost chamber that they build themselves at their facility !

This is a great partnership and is a win win for Bat Conservation around the world!

We look forward to long and productive relationship with Bat Management and will continue our efforts in helping in Bat Conservation , as a plastics Manufacture we want to do our part in helping this vital species !

Titan Tanks 2014 New Facebook Page !


Please come by the new Titan Tank Facebook page and like us!

The Titan Series product line is manufactured using the Rotomolding Process at our facility in Coos Bay Oregon , we use only FDA approved resin from domestic suppliers.

The Titan Tanks series of products ships directly out of our facility to our dealers and distributors nationwide.

If you are interested in becoming a dealer please contact us today at 1-800-Buy-Poly!

New Fusion X series Vanes !

Fusion X series Vanes have Arrived !
We are proud to announce an addition to the Fusion vane series , the Fusion X.
The Fusion X series Vanes From Norway Industries are a modified version of the Fusion vanes in both 2.1″ and 3″ sizes.

As the Crossbow Market continues to grow , we wanted to create a vane that would work well with all the Crossbow models out there such Parker , Horton , Ten Point , Barnett , Excalibur , Carbon Express , Wicked Ridge and many others on the market today .

The Fusion X series still utilizes the patented Co-Extrusion process that is unique  to Norway industries. We simply lowered the profile and decided on a black base instead of the clear base found on standard Fusion vanes. Of course the Fusion X vanes can be used with any type of shaft , making it ideal for Compound bows , even Recurve shooters will find these vanes useful for their fletching kits.

Fusion X Series:

Designed for High Speed Crossbows, Both 3″ and 2.1″ Fusion-X Series are only .45″ in height!
Lower profile height for optimum vane clearance in rail/barrel for all models of Cross Bows!
Stiffer Fusion-X Vanes cuts flutter at high speeds and increases accuracy while tightening Broadhead groups!
Length: 3″ and 2.1 “  Weight: 8 gr.and 6 gr.
Sold in Packs of QTY 36 , Comes in 8 Standard Fusion Colors and New Purple Color!
Co- Extruded base or cup is “Black” to create a virtually invisible base when fletched on black Shafts!

Quadel Increases Extrusion Productivity

Well we just got our new Maguire Weigh Scale Blenders in the other day and after getting them unboxed, we have started the process of setting them up in our extruding department.

The busy season for our extrusion division will be coming up soon so time is of the essence to get these tested and into production as well as getting everyone trained on them well before the orders start coming in.

These blenders were a very significant investment for us , however we feel they will pay for themselves over time by increasing productivity, which will benefit us and our customers in helping to keep our costs down.

Everyone in this industry has to be more competitive in these challenging economic times, and any way that we can increase productivity will help towards a healthier bottom line.

The main benefit from automating the blending process is that it will eliminate the need for measuring and mixing the resin by hand , which will help to lower labor costs as well as increase the accuracy in our formulas and maintain a consistent product.

Because of the accuracy rate of  0.1% and the automation of the Maguire Blenders ,we should be able to drastically reduce if not eliminate most of the waste associated with rejected product .

Even though Quadel Industries has been around for over 25 years , we are always looking for ways to improve our product line and our productivity so that we can provide our customers with quality products at an affordable price.

So if you’re looking for extruded mesh netting and bags for you business give us a call at 1-800-289-7659