Quadel Industries: Heavy Duty Totes

Since Quadel Industries is situated on the beautiful Oregon Coast we are right in the heart of some of the best crabbing and fishing waters in the country and the pacific northwest.

We started getting inquires from the local crab fisherman and cod fisherman for a heavy duty marine grade tote for the local fleets to use. The totes had to be of a particular size and extremely durable to withstand the rugged environment fisherman put them through.

We came up with a clean design and with a thick enough side wall to make them very rigid so they could be plumbed if needed and picked up with ropes when full of crab or cod.

Our Crab totes are now well known in fishing towns like , Port Orford , Coos Bay , North Bend and elsewhere up and down the Oregon Coast as being well made and tough enough to handle the job.

We are always listening to our local community and exploring new products that we can develop for industries of all kinds right here in the in our own back yard , the Pacific Northwest.