Quadel Industries: Bio Wattle Netting

Quadel Industries Bio Wattle Netting is an extruded mesh netting with an additive that enhances both Thermal degradation and Photo degradation.

The idea behind our Bio Wattle Netting is to provide a plastic alternative to other more traditional Bio products like Jute and straw fiber and other organic materials.

Normally our standard Black wattle netting will last approximately 3-4 years depending on the environment , and geographical location of the installed wattles.

Our Bio wattle netting can be formulated to break down in as little as 6 months if  required. Most of the requests from our customers have been for a product to last between 12-18 months.

Our Bio wattle netting comes in either 9″ or 12″ and comes in 2000′ rolls. We also offer the option of  3/8″  mesh size or 5/8″ depending on the type of straw or excelsior the customer will be using.