Quadel Industries: Portable Septic Holding Tanks

The Quadel Industries Job Shack series septic tanks make an excellent solution for temporary storage of grey and black water over flow for your portable sanitation needs.

Our portable septic tanks are used all over the country for construction sites, special events and any situation where temporary storage is needed.

The Job Shack 250 and Job shack 350 are both designed with a low profile allowing storage for underneath construction trailers, recreational vehicles and can be connected together to form even greater storage capacity as needed.

All of our Job Shack Portable Septic tanks come with seven three inch fittings to accommodate just about any type of hookup. Many people use two of the Job shack tanks in tandem to create a baffle and separate the solid from the liquid.

The first tank is set up to collect the solid waste or black water and the overflow of  liquid or grey water  is sent to the second tank, this system allows for more capacity and quicker pump outs during maintenance.

Our Job shack series portable Septic Tanks can be purchased Nationwide through Tank-Depot and shipped direct to your location.