Bat House Update

We just finished running the Bat Banker Bat house with the new mold changes.  We took the time and did a shot peen on the mold and this gave the part a nice textured finish that really adds to the over all quality and look of the product.

Click Here For Bat Bunker Brochure !

The Outer shell of the Bat Bunker Bat House will come in three colors for various geographic locations . Out of the three the Black will likely be the most popular , and then the Charcoal or dark grey will be the second most popular.

Between those two colors that will take care of most of the upper half of  North America. The Black Bat Bunker will absorb the greatest amount of solar radiation, making it nice and warm all night long for the Bat Colony.

We are currently in the process of getting the Bat Bunker Bat house Certified through Bat Conservation International and look forward to proudly displaying their certification on our products.

Having Bat Con certify our Bat House will show that we took the time and effort to follow the guidelines in our design and construction so that the Bat Bunker will be a welcome home for this amazing and vital species.

We will be releasing pricing here shortly for individuals and looking for dealers as well, so stayed posted for the official release . If you have any questions please call us at 1-800-289-7659.

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