Bat Bunker Presentation

We held a Bat House Education meeting in our local community to help educate people on the importance of Bats in our eco systems , and how to deal with them when they set up house in our homes , barns and outbuildings.

One of the main reasons for development of the Bat Bunker Bat house was to be able to provide Bats that have been excluded from these dwellings an alternative place to roost and raise their young each year.

With that in mind we wanted to design a Bat House that would be capable of meeting all of our requirements .

.1 Large size: able to accommodate hundreds of bats and maternity colonies.

2. Durable: able to withstand weather and other environmental factors like sun ,wind, rain and freezing temperatures , and still last for decades.

3. Heat Retention: because of its large size and seamless Roto Molded outer shell , more solar radiation can be stored throughout the day providing a more stable temperature range at night .

4. Easy Maintenance : The Bat Bunker’s Roto Molded Exterior requires no painting, no caulking, and will last for decades providing a cozy draft free environment.

5. Attractive Appearance: The Bat bunker was designed to be attractive, something a home owner or land owner would be proud to have mounted on their property, and because it’s made of durable polyethylene , it will stay looking good for many years.

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