New Fusion X series Vanes !

Fusion X series Vanes have Arrived !
We are proud to announce an addition to the Fusion vane series , the Fusion X.
The Fusion X series Vanes From Norway Industries are a modified version of the Fusion vanes in both 2.1″ and 3″ sizes.

As the Crossbow Market continues to grow , we wanted to create a vane that would work well with all the Crossbow models out there such Parker , Horton , Ten Point , Barnett , Excalibur , Carbon Express , Wicked Ridge and many others on the market today .

The Fusion X series still utilizes the patented Co-Extrusion process that is unique  to Norway industries. We simply lowered the profile and decided on a black base instead of the clear base found on standard Fusion vanes. Of course the Fusion X vanes can be used with any type of shaft , making it ideal for Compound bows , even Recurve shooters will find these vanes useful for their fletching kits.

Fusion X Series:

Designed for High Speed Crossbows, Both 3″ and 2.1″ Fusion-X Series are only .45″ in height!
Lower profile height for optimum vane clearance in rail/barrel for all models of Cross Bows!
Stiffer Fusion-X Vanes cuts flutter at high speeds and increases accuracy while tightening Broadhead groups!
Length: 3″ and 2.1 “  Weight: 8 gr.and 6 gr.
Sold in Packs of QTY 36 , Comes in 8 Standard Fusion Colors and New Purple Color!
Co- Extruded base or cup is “Black” to create a virtually invisible base when fletched on black Shafts!

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