Tank-Depot is one of Quadel Industries Top Nationwide Distributors of our Water Tanks and other products that come out of our Rotational Molding division.

One of the advantages Tank-Depot brings to the table is its nationwide network of shipping carriers who can provide cost effective shipping to customers all over the country that we could not reach otherwise .

We started working with Tank-Depot in early 2011 and we very pleased with their excellent service and continued success as a leader in the online distribution model.

One of the most popular tanks they sell is from our portable sanitation division , the Job Shack series portable holding tanks. These tanks are ideal for storing black and gray water on construction sites and special events.

Tank- Depot Also has retail stores in Florida and Texas and severalĀ  other states as well and we look forward to their growth and our ongoing relationship with them , it has been a win win scenario for everyone.