Bat Bunker Production is Ramping Up !

We are finally going into full production mode on the Bat Bunker Bat Houses , its been a long journey and we still have yet to go, but we are making headway.

The launch of the Bat Bunker Residential model represents our introduction into Bat House Building. It also shows our passion for supporting the conservation of Bats , one of the most important species on our planet.

The Bat Bunker is one of the largest Bat Houses out there , but we do plan on even a larger model down the road.

This of course will be our Bat Bunker rancher model, for larger properties.

Now that we have some orders coming in , and have got things rolling, I am planning on setting up some Bat Bunkers on our property here in Oregon , I have no doubt the Bats will love them.

Bat House Update

We just finished running the Bat Banker Bat house with the new mold changes.  We took the time and did a shot peen on the mold and this gave the part a nice textured finish that really adds to the over all quality and look of the product.

Click Here For Bat Bunker Brochure !

The Outer shell of the Bat Bunker Bat House will come in three colors for various geographic locations . Out of the three the Black will likely be the most popular , and then the Charcoal or dark grey will be the second most popular.

Between those two colors that will take care of most of the upper half of  North America. The Black Bat Bunker will absorb the greatest amount of solar radiation, making it nice and warm all night long for the Bat Colony.

We are currently in the process of getting the Bat Bunker Bat house Certified through Bat Conservation International and look forward to proudly displaying their certification on our products.

Having Bat Con certify our Bat House will show that we took the time and effort to follow the guidelines in our design and construction so that the Bat Bunker will be a welcome home for this amazing and vital species.

We will be releasing pricing here shortly for individuals and looking for dealers as well, so stayed posted for the official release . If you have any questions please call us at 1-800-289-7659.

Bat Bunker Roto Molded Bat House

With The Bat Bunker mold finished we just charged the mold and are now placing it in the oven. The Bat Bunker “Residential” is the first of two Roto Molded Bat Houses designed and Manufactured by Quadel Industries.

The unique design will be a seamless one piece structure , that will be virtually indestructible and last for many years , with no maintenance or painting of any kind.

It will also have a removable roost chamber that will allow it to be removed in one piece so that it can examined and cleaned on yearly basis if needed.

We are launching this product during the 2012 season which is coinciding with the Year of the Bat , world wide celebration of these amazing and endangered species.

The image here of the Bat Bunker is the first article and we have some more work to do on the outside as well as designing and installing the roost chamber

This Bat house is the Bat Bunker Residential with overall dimensions of 36″ x 24″ x 8″. So its a really large Bat house capable of housing a colony of hundreds of Bats.

Plus its large size will give the Bat Bunker Bat house the ability to retain heat during the day , making it more attractive for Bats looking to start a nursery.

We will have a few different colors so that you can pick a color that is perfect for your geographic location and temperature range, we started with black because here in the pacific northwest we want all the heat retention we can get.

So keep checking back with us over the next couple of weeks as we finish our prototype and gear up for full production this spring and summer of 2012.

In the video below we just charged the newly manufactured aluminum  Bat House mold for the first time . So as they say the “bun-ker is in the oven, and in just a few minutes out will pop the first commercially manufactured  roto molded bat house !

Quadel Industries: Commercial Bat House Solution The Bat Bunker


So what can you do when your home or structure becomes the roosting site for a colony of bats ? Assuming you don’t want the bats in your home the answer to this question involves a few steps.

The first thing you need to do is find out how the bats are getting in , this can be challenging considering the smaller species of bats we are dealing with here in north America only need a small crack a half inch or less to get in.

Once you find the areas of your structure that the bats are gaining entry, a plan must be implemented to plug those holes, or in some cases with barns and sheds where plugging holes may not be practical a mesh netting is used that prevent bats from entering.

The mesh allows the bats to leave at night but they will not be able to re enter. What ever your strategy or method you must allow for the bats to leave at night before blocking the entry ways.

You “do not want to trap the bats” in the structure , this will only cause their death and create a mess of decaying bats in your home or structure, this is not something you want , nor do you want to do harm  a very valuable species to our Eco systems.

Now that you have “Bat Proofed” your structure the bats will essentially be homeless and the colony will suffer from the abrupt disruption in their daily lives.

This is where Quadel Industries and property owners around the country can step up and help one of the most important species of animal in our Eco system by providing alternative roosting structures like the The Bat Bunker by Quadel Industries. Where Bats Feel Safe !

Ideally you would want your Bat Bunker set up before you kick the Bats out of the house so they would have an immediate replacement roosting site , although sometimes its hard to plan that far ahead.

The good news is that bats will return to rooting sites year after year which increases the need and the probability that your generous contribution of a Bat Bunker to your property  will be occupied at some point as they settle in year after year to their new home.

For most situations this will likely take a couple seasons as the bats adjust to the newly available structure , although the design behind the Bat Bunker is meant to enhance occupancy because of it size and heat holding capabilities.