Quadel Industries: Produce Bags

Here at Quadel Industries we pride ourselves on the diversity of products we can produce for our ever growing customer base, and produce bags is one of those products.

Every year we ship out millions of produce bags in various sizes for all kinds of fruits and vegetables that you can see in your local grocery store.

One of our specialties is produce bags for garlic and shallots, we have quite a few specialty distributors that use our bags for that niche specifically, as well as other produce.

Our bags come in various sizes that we stock and we can also accommodate custom orders as well. All of our produce bags are made using FDA food grade resin so that they meet all the requirements needed for the packaging of food products.

We can provide a variety of sizes to choose from as well as many different colors, mesh size , width and length.

Produce bags make up a significant percentage of our yearly production in our extrusion division which is locatedĀ  at our facility on the southern Oregon coast.