Hand Wash Station Web Site


We have just added another addition to the Quadel Network  of informational websites.  Hand-Wash-Stations.com features our brand of rugged , Roto Molded Hand Wash Stations.

Made from food grade Polyethylene , and manufactured using the Roto Molding process makes these units incredibly durable and safe for all potable water needs.

Hand Wash Stations are a popular item for  all types of industries where portable sanitation solutions are required.  From agriculture to construction sites , to fire fighting and special events.


Quadel Industries: Portable Toilets

Quadel Industries has been manufacturing portable toilets for over 20 years  as part of its Portable Sanitation division. Our “Gotta Go John” has a reputation as a durable well made toilet suited for any outdoor environment.

Our portable toilets are manufactured using the rotational molding process which utilizes a one piece design with no seams or assembly required when delivered to your job site or stocking location.

Each component of  the Gotta Go John is also roto molded , such as holding tank , Urinal , dome  skylight, paper holder, and even the skid that the unit sits on allowing it to be easily moved.

Our Portable Toilets come in three basic colors , red , green and blue , however custom colors are available on large quantity orders. We also offer an inside hand wash station as an option for our portable toilets  giving users a full service bathroom that can be placed just about anywhere.

Other options that are available for the Gotta Go John are the “Piggy Back Station” which is a full service hand wash station that mounts to the back of our portable toilets for additional services during your outdoor event , party or construction site.

The Gotta Go John is a product manufactured in the Unites States in the beautiful state of Oregon and helps to provide income to the local economy , so please support Domestic manufactures and lets keep our jobs at home.

Quadel Industries: Hand Wash Stations

Hand Wash Stations are a vital component in many industries such as agriculture, portable sanitation, emergency planning  and the United States military .

Portable Hand Wash Stations  provide a quickly deploy-able solution for hand sanitation that requires no plumbing or electricity.

Quadel Industries Manufactures the Titan series of hand wash stations , The Titan Quad is a four person model , the Titan Mini is a two person model and the Titan II is a compact unit with a very large holding capacity.

The Titan Series hand wash stations are manufactured using the Rotational Molding Process making them extremely durable because of the seamless construction design.

Our Hand wash stations are all manufacture using FDA food grade resins with UV inhibitor  to ensure quality and long product life in the field in the most challenging of conditions.

The Unite States Military has deployed our hand wash units all over the world in some of the most inhospitable environments.

The Quadel Hand wash stations can be purchased directly from us , or through GSA if you a government entity.