Quadel Industries: Sink Tank

Quadel Industries is proud to present its newest Special Event Tank the ” Titan Sink Tank ” .

This Tank comes with a 15 gallon holding capacity , 1.5 inlet valve and 3/8 fitting with spigot , plus a built in sink .

The Quadel “Sink Tank ” is an excellent solution for all your public gatherings, construction site or agriculture applications.

Made of durable Food Grade Polyethylene and manufactured using the Rotational Molding Process.

The Sink Tank is an inexpensive way to provide potable water for drinking and hand washing in remote locations where running water may not be available .


Quadel Industries: GSA Contract

Under our General Services Administration or GSA Contract Quadel Industries offers a variety of products to choose from.

These products are under schedule 56 which is a category that encompasses portable sanitation products.

You can visit the GSA Advantage website to get a full list of the products that we sell under our GSA Contract.  We just recently added some new items to the contract, like our Job Shack Series holding Tanks and Titan Sink Tank to name a few.

All of the items under our GSA Contract will ship from our facility in Oregon to your facility via common carriers like USF Reddaway or Fed Ex freight.

Our series of  Titan Hand Wash Stations are the most popular items to be purchased under the contract because of their rugged durability and the high demand for portable sanitation solutions in so many different industries.

All of the Items listed under Quadel’s GSA Contract contract are manufactured using the Rotational Molding process. Roto Molding creates a one piece seamless design that enhances structural integrity and performance over the life of the product.

So if your a Local , State or Federal entity and your looking for quality Portable Sanitation products that are under GSA Contract then check out our page on the GSA Advantage Website here.

Quadel Industries: Portable Septic Holding Tanks

The Quadel Industries Job Shack series septic tanks make an excellent solution for temporary storage of grey and black water over flow for your portable sanitation needs.

Our portable septic tanks are used all over the country for construction sites, special events and any situation where temporary storage is needed.

The Job Shack 250 and Job shack 350 are both designed with a low profile allowing storage for underneath construction trailers, recreational vehicles and can be connected together to form even greater storage capacity as needed.

All of our Job Shack Portable Septic tanks come with seven three inch fittings to accommodate just about any type of hookup. Many people use two of the Job shack tanks in tandem to create a baffle and separate the solid from the liquid.

The first tank is set up to collect the solid waste or black water and the overflow of  liquid or grey water  is sent to the second tank, this system allows for more capacity and quicker pump outs during maintenance.

Our Job shack series portable Septic Tanks can be purchased Nationwide through Tank-Depot and shipped direct to your location.

Quadel Industries: Portable Toilets

Quadel Industries has been manufacturing portable toilets for over 20 years  as part of its Portable Sanitation division. Our “Gotta Go John” has a reputation as a durable well made toilet suited for any outdoor environment.

Our portable toilets are manufactured using the rotational molding process which utilizes a one piece design with no seams or assembly required when delivered to your job site or stocking location.

Each component of  the Gotta Go John is also roto molded , such as holding tank , Urinal , dome  skylight, paper holder, and even the skid that the unit sits on allowing it to be easily moved.

Our Portable Toilets come in three basic colors , red , green and blue , however custom colors are available on large quantity orders. We also offer an inside hand wash station as an option for our portable toilets  giving users a full service bathroom that can be placed just about anywhere.

Other options that are available for the Gotta Go John are the “Piggy Back Station” which is a full service hand wash station that mounts to the back of our portable toilets for additional services during your outdoor event , party or construction site.

The Gotta Go John is a product manufactured in the Unites States in the beautiful state of Oregon and helps to provide income to the local economy , so please support Domestic manufactures and lets keep our jobs at home.