Quadel Industries: Hydro Trailer

Here at Quadel Industries we are always on the look out for innovative ideas. One such Idea came to us years ago in the form of the Hydro Trailer,a unique personal watercraft accessory.

The Hydro Trailer is a one of kind product  that allows PWC enthusiasts to re define the role of the personal water craft.

With the ability to store food and gear in a water tight compartment and extra fuel cans on the back , the Hydro Trailer gives any PWC  the perfect exploration platform to go adventuring on lakes , rivers and inland water ways.

I have yet to see anyone out there with a comparable product , there are a couple of inflatables that can be towed behind your boat or personal water craft , but they are bulky and would be difficult to maneuver at cruising speeds, plus they can be damaged and leaks could be an issue.

The Hydro Trailer is Rotational Molded at our facility in Oregon and is virtually indestructible, giving the product exceptional durability and  life span.

We are always looking for ways to expand our product line so we will be looking at other accessories for the Hydro trailer such as Multi color Bra Covers, and Hatch covers and different hitch options as well.

We are also exploring the idea of a  Hydro Trailer II in the future now that PWC’s are getting more powerful each year.

Please visit the official Hydro Trailer site and read all about the adventures that people are having on their personal water craft with the help of one of the most unique products on the market , there is truly nothing else like it in the world !