Quadel Industries: Bio Wattle Netting

Quadel Industries Bio Wattle Netting is an extruded mesh netting with an additive that enhances both Thermal degradation and Photo degradation.

The idea behind our Bio Wattle Netting is to provide a plastic alternative to other more traditional Bio products like Jute and straw fiber and other organic materials.

Normally our standard Black wattle netting will last approximately 3-4 years depending on the environment , and geographical location of the installed wattles.

Our Bio wattle netting can be formulated to break down in as little as 6 months if  required. Most of the requests from our customers have been for a product to last between 12-18 months.

Our Bio wattle netting comes in either 9″ or 12″ and comes in 2000′ rolls. We also offer the option of  3/8″  mesh size or 5/8″ depending on the type of straw or excelsior the customer will be using.

Quadel Industries: Protective Netting

Protective netting is manufactured at our extrusion facility in Coos Bay Oregon. There are so many uses for protective netting such as filter sleeves , sleeves for parts that need to be protected in transport and when stored in inventory.

The protective net is made primarily form EVA or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate , which is the copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate.

EVA gives the protective netting a distinctive stretch and rubber like quality that is ideal for cling to parts and protecting them from impact and abrasion.

Some of the more common uses for protective netting are , protection for oxygen tanks, machined parts, and even as sleeves for filters for potable water.

Quadel Industries protective netting generally comes on 500′ rolls in various sizes and colors based on the customer’s specifications. So Give us a call today at  1-800-Buy-Poly and we will get you a quote.

Quadel Industries: Custom Roto Molding

Quadel Industries has been providing Custom Roto Molding services since 1984 .  Our knowledgeable staff has decades of experience in the plastics industry and can help you get your project off the ground.

We offer full service mold fabrication and we can help you design your product using our state of the art computer aided design software to precisely detail the drawings and specifications of your next project.

We also work with many well established companies around the country providing Roto molding services for their proprietary products and special projects.

We at Quadel Industries take great pride in manufacturing our customers proprietary products as if they were our own. Attention to detail and the use of quality materials ensures their customers are satisfied for many years to come.

When considering rotational molding as an option for your new product , keep in mind that Roto Molding is best suited for hollow objects.  You may even consider Roto Molding to replace your existing metal or fiberglass components in the future as plastic is much lighter and less expensive.

Your Custom Roto Molding project is our top priority and we look forward to serving your company , so contact us today and get a Free Consultation , just call  1-800-Buy-Poly Today!

Quadel Industries: Portable Toilets

Quadel Industries has been manufacturing portable toilets for over 20 years  as part of its Portable Sanitation division. Our “Gotta Go John” has a reputation as a durable well made toilet suited for any outdoor environment.

Our portable toilets are manufactured using the rotational molding process which utilizes a one piece design with no seams or assembly required when delivered to your job site or stocking location.

Each component of  the Gotta Go John is also roto molded , such as holding tank , Urinal , dome  skylight, paper holder, and even the skid that the unit sits on allowing it to be easily moved.

Our Portable Toilets come in three basic colors , red , green and blue , however custom colors are available on large quantity orders. We also offer an inside hand wash station as an option for our portable toilets  giving users a full service bathroom that can be placed just about anywhere.

Other options that are available for the Gotta Go John are the “Piggy Back Station” which is a full service hand wash station that mounts to the back of our portable toilets for additional services during your outdoor event , party or construction site.

The Gotta Go John is a product manufactured in the Unites States in the beautiful state of Oregon and helps to provide income to the local economy , so please support Domestic manufactures and lets keep our jobs at home.