Quadel Industries: Rain Catchment Tanks

Quadel Industries  now offers 2 pre configured Rain Water Catchment solutions using our 175 gallon and 300 gallon Titan water tanks.

We have fitted these 2 tanks with the Rain Strain Cap and a PVC spigot at the bottom and an over flow fitting at the top  for quick and easy deployment of a rain catchment system that can be set directly under your rain gutter down spout.

Simply place the tank under the gutter down spout and let the self cleaning  Rain Strain Cap do all the work , keeping the leaves and debris out of your stored water.

If you want extra capacity down the road just add another tank and let the overflow fill up as many tanks as you want.

Our Rain catchment tanks are considerably large than the average 55 gallon drums being marketed today as “Rain Catchment Barrels”, plus we have added the innovative Rain Strain Cap to ensure quick deployment and ease of use !



Quadel Industries: Rain Strain Cap

After many requests for us to make a rain barrel for rain water harvesting , we decided it would be better for our customers to simply offer them a low cost add on for our existing water tanks.

The idea behind the rain strain cap  is that you can fit it on any of our water tanks from 175 gallon all the way to 2500 gallon.

Our 175 gallon and 300 gallon make ideal under the spout type collectors, because of their small compact size.

They don’t really take up that much more room than the average rain barrel but they give you a whole lot more capacity, plus our tanks can be plumbed however you like.

The Rain Strain Cap is a simple rugged design that will last many years with little maintenance. As you can see in the video below the Rain Strain Cap will catch all of the large leafs , pine needles and other debris that happen to get washed down your gutter during the rainy season. This will keep the bio matter in your water to a minimum.

We also make the Rain Strain Cap in Black so you can let the rain in and block the sunlight , plus it matches our existing tanks  perfectly.

As the water flows down your spout and onto the Rain Strain Cap , plenty of water will be allowed to collect in your tank , while still allowing water to flow down the steep face of the cap , creating a self cleaning filter .

With the slanted design the debris gets washed down the front on to the ground where you can periodically rake it up or blow away with your leaf blower.

Over the course of even the most minimal rainy season , you will have plenty of water later in the year for gardening, flowers or what ever needs a drink during the dry season.

Rain water harvesting is an excellent way to conserve water our most valuable resource! To Order yours today just call 1-800-Buy-Poly !

Watch the video below to see the Rain Strain Cap in Action.

Quadel Industries: Rain Strain Cap

The Quadel Industries Rain Strain Cap is an idea that was developed  to help utilize our Titan series water tanks as rain catchment tanks. Many people these days are seeing the practicality of capturing and storing rain water.

Because we are already in the water tank business we decided to give our customers an option for using our existing models of polyethylene water tanks as rain catchment systems.

The idea  of  the Rain Strain Cap came to us because we kept getting requests for some type of rain catchment barrel or tank. Rather than develop a specific tank or barrel for this , we decided it would be simpler to offer a cap to replace the standard man way cover that comes with our tanks.

The Quadel Rain Strain Cap will fit on all of our Titan Tank models from our 175 gallons all the way to our 2500 gallon. This solution allows you to choose any size tank you want and convert it to catch rain water right from your gutter down spout.

The Rain Strain Cap has a debris screen that will keep leafs , pine needles ,sticks and other debris from getting inside your tank during collection. As the screen catches the debris it will fall downward off  to the side and onto the ground , instead of into your tank !

This self cleaning screen design will keep most of the debris out of your water , smaller particles will simply settle to the bottom of the tank where they can be flushed out periodically via the bottom bulkhead fitting.

We are currently building the mold and will go into testing shortly to make sure the Rain Strain Cap works as effectively as possible. Once all has been tested , we will start manufacturing and make the product available to our dealers.

The images are the product  fresh out of the oven ,next we will start working on the screen see technical drawings here , once we finishing testing we will be uploading images and videos of the Rain Strain Cap in action !



Quadel Industries: Rain Water Harvesting

In an effort to promote water conservation Quadel Industries is working on a new products in our Research and Development division  that will allow you to convert any of our Titan Tanks to be more effective Rain Catchment systems.

Rainwater harvesting is becoming more popular these days as homeowners , ranchers and farmers look for ways to reduce cost and become more environmentally friendly.

One of the main advantages to collecting rainwater is the ability to have your own personal backup water supply in the event of emergency. Of course you can save money as well by utilizing rain water for your irrigation , gardening, and grey water needs.

All of our poly water tanks make an excellent choice for this application , from our smaller 175 gallon tanks to our 2500 gallon tank , you can store all the rainwater you need for use during the dry months.

Our new product in development is the Quadel Rain Strain Cap an add on for any of our Titan Tanks.