Quadel Industries: Seedling Protection

Seedling Protection is a term used for products that protect tree seedlings after planting.

Quadel Industries has been manufacturing seedling protection products for well over 20 years and we are one of the largest manufactures in the United States.

The most commonly used product within our arsenal of seedling protectors is the rigid tube. These rigid mesh tubes are used to encapsulate the young tree seedling during it’s most vulnerable early years after planting.

The rigid seedling tube is made of a strong mixture of plastic resins that ensure a long life span in all kinds of weather and rugged terrain.

Quadel Industries is located in the Pacific Northwest in the heart of tree growing country and we provide our seedling protection products to many of the largest Tree Growers in the area.

We also provide product to our distributors Terra Tech and Pacforest Supply , both of whom are also located in Oregon and provide much of the product used in Washington , Oregon , California , Idaho , Utah and areas within the United States and Canada .

Our rigid tubes come in a variety of sizes depending on which type of tree is being planted. A variety of factors such as, seedling age , size, location and what type of browse animals are in the area will determine what size tube to use.