Bat House Update

We just finished running the Bat Banker Bat house with the new mold changes.  We took the time and did a shot peen on the mold and this gave the part a nice textured finish that really adds to the over all quality and look of the product.

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The Outer shell of the Bat Bunker Bat House will come in three colors for various geographic locations . Out of the three the Black will likely be the most popular , and then the Charcoal or dark grey will be the second most popular.

Between those two colors that will take care of most of the upper half of  North America. The Black Bat Bunker will absorb the greatest amount of solar radiation, making it nice and warm all night long for the Bat Colony.

We are currently in the process of getting the Bat Bunker Bat house Certified through Bat Conservation International and look forward to proudly displaying their certification on our products.

Having Bat Con certify our Bat House will show that we took the time and effort to follow the guidelines in our design and construction so that the Bat Bunker will be a welcome home for this amazing and vital species.

We will be releasing pricing here shortly for individuals and looking for dealers as well, so stayed posted for the official release . If you have any questions please call us at 1-800-289-7659.

Bat Bunker Roto Molded Bat House

With The Bat Bunker mold finished we just charged the mold and are now placing it in the oven. The Bat Bunker “Residential” is the first of two Roto Molded Bat Houses designed and Manufactured by Quadel Industries.

The unique design will be a seamless one piece structure , that will be virtually indestructible and last for many years , with no maintenance or painting of any kind.

It will also have a removable roost chamber that will allow it to be removed in one piece so that it can examined and cleaned on yearly basis if needed.

We are launching this product during the 2012 season which is coinciding with the Year of the Bat , world wide celebration of these amazing and endangered species.

The image here of the Bat Bunker is the first article and we have some more work to do on the outside as well as designing and installing the roost chamber

This Bat house is the Bat Bunker Residential with overall dimensions of 36″ x 24″ x 8″. So its a really large Bat house capable of housing a colony of hundreds of Bats.

Plus its large size will give the Bat Bunker Bat house the ability to retain heat during the day , making it more attractive for Bats looking to start a nursery.

We will have a few different colors so that you can pick a color that is perfect for your geographic location and temperature range, we started with black because here in the pacific northwest we want all the heat retention we can get.

So keep checking back with us over the next couple of weeks as we finish our prototype and gear up for full production this spring and summer of 2012.

In the video below we just charged the newly manufactured aluminum  Bat House mold for the first time . So as they say the “bun-ker is in the oven, and in just a few minutes out will pop the first commercially manufactured  roto molded bat house !

Quadel Industries: Commercial Roto Molded Bat Houses

This winter we will be finalizing our design and our mold for the Bat Bunker a commercially Manufactured Bat house. The Qaudel Bat Bunker as the name implies will be a virtually indestructible Roto Molded Bat House.

Initially there will be 2 models to choose from , the Bat Bunker Residential for the home owner , or rural property owner and the Bat Bunker Rancher for farms , ranches and those that want to provide accommodations for larger Bat Colonies.

Rotationally Molding the  “Bat Bunker”  will allows us to create a Bat House that has no seams , no nails and requires no painting . Made with a Food grade Polyethylene the Bat House or Bat Bunker will provide a safe haven for bats to colonize during their yearly migrations in North America.

Our goal is to provide  Bats with a suitable and economical  roosting structure that will illicit high occupancy rates not currently seen with small bird house sized Bat House that are commonly found on the market today.

After much research of the  Bat Houses being sold it became clear that there was a need for a large scale Bat House. Something that could house a fairly large Bat Colony in a comfortable , safe environment  with a more stable temperature range, something that is “very” important to Bats.

One of the reasons most small wooden Bat Hoses fail or do not become occupied is because they are not large enough structures to to retain any of the heat gathered during the day.

Bats require a specific temperature range to be maintained for them to feel comfortable and at home which is why it is common for them to want to move into barns , sheds and yes even your house , which is where much of the problems begin.

One of the main reasons Quadel Industries decided to design and manufacturer a suitable  home for Bats was so that property owners could give  the Bats an alternative roosting site.

Bats need a place to live and we want to provide the Bats and property owners options. Generally what  happens  is the Bats move into their roosts  during the spring and start the process of rearing their young .

Many bats find human structures to be the best choice because of their size and ability to retain heat. This of course isn’t the best solution for humans , who find Bats messy and annoying to have as a house guest or living in their sheds and barns.

In Part 2 we will address the solution for Bats and Humans , the Bat Bunker !